M2M Cybernetics: Deploying State-of-the-art Technologies to Serve Cutting-Edge Wi-Fi Solutions

CIO Vendor The first reference of wireless fidelity or Wi-Fi can be traced back to the year 1985. Yet, it has just started to attract the attention of the Indian consumers, both business and general users alike. Wi-Fi allows the users to take advantage of wireless networking through the internet and intranet, along with the flexibility of multiple usage locations and multiple devices. The major growth drivers for the market include the increasing need for robust network connectivity and the adoption of Wi-Fi solutions in various verticals such as education, healthcare, retail, e-Commerce, BFSI, IT, and telecom.

M2M Cybernetics, established in 2016, is a fast-flourishing Technology-Business Incubation company formed by a group of professionals intending to roll-out projects in the Telecom, Power and ICT sectors. Immediately after the incorporation, the firm started working with a large Telco, rolling-out their 4G network.

The big break came when the firm successfully deployed POC for the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) to showcase the solution in some villages of the Faridabad district. The concept of a low-cost access solution that also managed to solve issues of intermittent electricity and the non-availability of a trained technical workforce in villages was very appealing to the Government.

Thereafter, the firm geared-up and deployed more POCs in different parts of the country. The company has the distinction of having deployed over 75,000 Solar Powered Wi-Fi Hotspots across rural India as part of the Wi-Fi Choupal Program of the Government of India. M2M Cybernetics provides services such as Project Management and Planning, RF and MW Engineering, Network optimization, Network Implementation, and Training.
According to Shivkumar Jagannath, MD & CEO, M2M Cybernetics, in the Wi-Fi solution market, clients are generally concerned more about factors such as performance, maintainability, reliability, future-proof, capacity than actual technologies. However, the firm has encountered very specific requirements for a specific hardware/management feature from some clients. M2M Cybernetics offers the clients the option of Managed Services, as it considers standalone Wi-Fi solutions may not meet their expectations and match-up to their rigorous standards. The firm always proposes best-in-class solutions that include hardware and software components coupled with the knowledge base which the firm has accrued over a multitude of Wi-Fi deployments. The firm stands with the clients and provides high-quality, dependable Wi-Fi networks that enabled the clients to focus on their respective core competencies.

M2M Cybernetics is sought-after for its ability to architect complex networking solutions based on the customers' requirements

Most of the firm's experts have been working on Wi-Fi technologies since 2004. Hence, the amount of knowledge within the organization runs deep. This experience is not just limited to indoor enterprise Wi-Fi networks, but also city-wide Public Wi-Fi networks, Point-to-Point links, and Point-to-Multipoint links. M2M Cybernetics, being a Systems Integrator & Managed Service Provider, is not aligned to any OEM, but works with the best in the market. The offerings include Enterprise Wi-Fi, which can support multiple virtual networks such as Public Wi-Fi and private corporate networks using the same physical Infrastructure.

The firm has developed its own Solar Power Supply Units to cater to the needs of customers deploying Wi-Fi networks in rural areas to overcome challenges of non-reliable electricity supply. On the WAN side, it designs and deploys SD-WAN links for customers who have remote sites and offices, thus removing the need for expensive VSAT links. M2M Cybernetics is sought-after for its ability to architect complex networking solutions based on the customers' requirements. It rarely ever offers simple box-selling solutions and understands that today's customer wants more than just a one-time sale. "Our consultative approach enables our customers to see us as problem solving partners than just vendors supplying hardware," concludes Shivkumar.